Amongst other things, a free appraisal & trial session, which is fun to do and is NOT a pass or fail test, will;


1. Allow you and your child to see our vibrant, fully-resourced centre.


2. Confirm what stage your child is at, and also identify detailed strengths and weaknesses.


3. Encourage your child to discuss his or her difficulties.


4. Provide the basis/starting point for your child's individual learning programme.


5. Help to stimulate his/her enthusiasm and motivation for learning.


6. Give you a basis from which to measure success and reward.


For further details or to arrange a FREE Appraisal & Trial Session for your child, click on our Contact Us link above.
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A smart child makes mistakes, learns from it, and never makes those mistakes again. A wise child finds a smart one and learns from them how to avoid the mistakes altogether. RHW.